The Nimai School

We Build Amazing Stuff!

NIMAI PUBLIC SCHOOL started as a social service institution with the intention of imparting good quality education with religious values in Thayappa Thottam, Bagalur Road, Hosur by the Thayappa Group, over a period of time it has achieved the highest value and standard of academic, ethical awareness, intellectual growth, best behavior and sportsmanship among its students.

NPS is a Next generation concept school focuses on building the life skill and professional values for its children along with academic such that the children of NIMAI are more successful in their life in the present dogmatic world.

The most important of NIMAI PUBLIC SCHOOL is to look beyond school education and prepare the students to choose their professional career in their personal interest where in it prepares them in the following capacity like: Academics, Health and Hygiene, Sports, Yoga, Dramatics, Religion, Robotics, Language, Life skill Pastoral care and Equal importance is given to academic, language, thought process, life skill, health, mind, body and happier hearts to make them the citizens of India.


“Passion to build better future”
Nimai Public school, an educational institution functions under the THAYAPPA ELAMURUGU EDUCATIONAL TRUST. Our aim is to provide stress free interactive based learning. We believe education is overall development of a child physically and socio- emotional skills.


A proud son of a farmer, his sincerity and hard working nature made him a successful entrepreneur, the chairman and founder of Thayappa group. He spends his valuable time by doing vaishnav seva and reading spiritual books. Now he become a "Trainer for fallen soul" . His guidance helps us to educate our children through morally and spiritually.


A legal adviser to our school, has keen towards the kids future, a child should be educated to abide the laws, rules and regulations of our nation, he motivates and trains them to become a successful global citizens.


A research scholar from science background started his carrier from kids school on october 2013 at the age of 24 at hosur. "Being an youngster can connect with the parents and children easily, with the support and hope of the parents, we started Nimai public school on june 2018, slowly "my job become my passion" towards the school, We hope, Our motherly nature, an individual attention, disciplinary studies with moral values could develop and deliver socially responsible citizens to our society.